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The Church Committee
Mr. Carlton Darien
Ms. Claudette Slowleyl
Mrs. Clare Francis 
Mr. Sean Brissett
Mr. Emerson Sutherland 
Ms. Dornalee Salmon
Mr. Arvell Miller
Mr. Eddison Hinds   


Rector's Warden: Mr. Eddison Hinds

People's Warden: Ms. Cloverlyn Nembhard 


Rev. Hilda Vaughan - Priest in Charge

The Reverend Hilda Vaughan is a trained agriculturist, she was first ordained to the diaconate in 2018 and was later made priest. Prior to her arrival at Gilnock, Santa Cruz Cure of Churches, she served as curate at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Mandeville.

Rev. Teddy Blake - Assisting Priest 

 Rev. Robin Samuda - Assisting Priest, Retired. 

Rev. Dr. Barrington Buchanan - Assisting Priest, Retired. 

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