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Available to God

In Mark 1:29-39, we see Jesus being very active in carrying out his purpose. He goes to the synagogue, thenon leaving, they hear that Peter's mother-in-law is ill. He heals her and  in Luke's version, she then waited on them, and I understand that she fed them.  So Jesus eats. In the evening  he heals the sick.

Early in the morning he speaks to God. The passage says his companions hunted for him, implying that he was away for a long time and in a place they did not expect him to be.   When they found him, he did not tarry he said let us go into the next town and tell people about the good news. 

There is an urgency with which we see Jesus moving from one thing to the other.  And he becomes a good example for us who always seem to have so much to do, we cannot find time for God. Or is it that we do not make time for God.

Jesus went to the synagogue on the day required. The next day in the morning he spent time praying. Communing with God. His interaction with God was not just his once per week compulsory church service.  Jesus found time for God despite his active ministry which I equate to our busy working lives.  His ministry would have been draining. Yet he balanced his work with time alone to recharge.  He felt the need for God to say you have done well yesterday, let's plan for today. He went to God to share and talk about what was happening, what happened, and what could be done better. When they wanted him to stay and heal more people he said no we are going to other places.

Maybe we need the same kind of affirmation in our daily life and that comes through being in constant touch with God: seeking God's advice and acting on it.

Prayer, helps is with that. Jesus who shared our human  experience can best  appreciate what is happening to us. Many times we call on him. We can let him be with us as a journeying companion  as we share in his work. In prayer we get the sustenance in the times when we are weary and resisting. We get the strength to carry on despite the opposition and personal issues. It is not about using cliches which mean different things to different persons. Communing means questioning for a better understanding and a deeper commitment to kingdom values. Samuel in answering God in the night, shows us that in listening to God we get insight.  It was the first time that Samuel was communing with God, but he opened his heart to what God was saying and acted on the instructions.  It should be the same for us.

Secondly he provided as he was able for those in need.  He didn't just give funds he became actively involved in helping persons, putting them in a position where they can care for themselves and is not dependent on others. 

Thirdly healing Peter's mother-in-law was done on the Sabbath. We know this because he went to the synagogue. This is an example of Jesus putting compassion before the law.  Treating persons as he would want to be treated.  The others waited till sundown, but If you are ill, you want to to be tended to right away.  It's why many go to private doctors and not the public clinics or hospital.   With his friend's mother, he did as he was led despite what others would say or think. 

We see Jesus at all times in his ministry, putting the needs of others first, before his own. I have told you of the chorus I learnt in Sunday School which guides me most times. Joy joy surely this must mean Jesus first yourself last and others in-between.  For Jesus Joy would mean God first Jesus last and others in-between. While the letters didn't spell Joy it meant Joy to him. It was his life's work and he lived it with much passion amd gusto. 

May we too find it in ourselves to follow his example of urgency and passion in doing God's work and at the same time spending time in communing with God.

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